The most exclusive Marine Food product for the most demanding palates

Nuestro caviar Beluga Marine Food es un producto natural procedente de una raza cruzada de esturión Huso Dauricus y esturión Acipenser Schrenckii. Esta especie normalmente es fértil a los 7 u 8 años, vive hasta los 60 años y alcanza más de 50 kg de peso.

It is a type of hybrid caviar, whose roe, of great firmness, are usually between 2.5 and 3 mm in diameter; the subtle nutty or hazel nuances of this caviar, the brown or golden color, and the strong buttery taste with an intense final aftertaste, give this exquisite product an incomparable personality that turns your tasting into a unique experience.

The sturgeons, fish of the demersal genus and of the family of the acipenserids, true living fossils, have been drastically reduced by overfishing. For years the capture of wild specimens, and extraction and sale of caviar from these sturgeons, is prohibited. That is why caviar production for consumption is only allowed from fish farm.


For the production of caviar eggs are extracted from the sturgeon. Before the extraction, each specimen is subjected to a test, similar to amniocentesis, to determine the degree of maturity of the roe, so that only at the exact moment in which maturation is optimal for the production of caviar, is it performs the delicate craft operation by the traditional method of Iran.


The sturgeons, throughout their life, are raised in an environment conducive to their growth, in the case of very calm fish, which inhabit the muddy bottoms where they find their food.


Once the eggs are removed out of the bag, they are passed through a sieve, cleaned and subjected to a process, malossol, in which they are lightly salted, with a concentration of 4% salt per 100 g .; in this way it is obtained a product of high quality and minimum addition of any preservative: exclusively roe of sturgeon and salt. It does not contain any type of added substance, so we are facing a totally natural treatment.


Caviar, stored in refrigerators at a temperature between 0 and 3 degrees Celsius, is vacuum packed at the time of order, in cans or jars These containers are treated with natural oils and fats to preserve all the organoleptic and nutritional properties and the exquisite taste and texture of this extraordinary delicacy.


A wide distribution network allows us to export caviar to any part of the world without breaking the cold chain in less than a week from packaging, which allows us to guarantee a product in perfect conditions of consumption. This consumption should be done with the caviar at a temperature between 4º and 7ºC.


    Packages of 10grs, 30grs, 50grs, 100grs, 125grs, 200grs, 250grs, 500grs and 1000grs.
    4 months after the packing date.

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